Parent FAQs

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What uniform do I need?

The required uniform is a turquoise sweatshirt and navy blue activity trousers.  You may also additionally purchase a short-sleeved polo shirt and activity shorts for summer if you wish. Smart black shoes (school shoes) will be required for formal events but for normal weekly meetings, trainers are fine.

The royal blue group scarf, woggle and badges will be presented by the Group as part of the investiture. Newly starting beaver scouts should just come in comfortable clothes and shoes for the first few weeks. New starters are asked to get a uniform just before they are formally invested.

All uniform items can be purchased from the scout shop online or the Reigate District Scout Shop (see here).

I’ve lost my scarf, can I get a new one?

Yes, you can but the replacement cost is £5. Please ask your section leader for this.

I’ve lost a badge, can I buy a new one?

Yes, all badges are £1 to replace. Please ask your section leader for this.

What happens when my young person moves to Cubs?

When a young person moves up to Cubs they will need to purchase a new uniform. When they are invested, they will be given some new badges but some badges will need to be moved from the Beaver sweatshirt to the Cub sweatshirt.

Where do I sew badges?

Beaver uniform badge placement

The only badges that will need to be moved to the new Cub sweatshirt are:

Chief Scout Bronze Award (if gained):

Years Badges (just the highest):

Staged Activity Badges (just the highest of each type):