Parent FAQs

Using OSM Parent Portal

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The Parent Portal allows you to:

  • Login from anywhere with the email and password created during registration
  • Make online payments for subs, camps and trips
  • See and update your personal information
  • Register for events and camps
  • See the programme
  • Check if we need any parent help for an event or session
  • Keep track of badge progress

Once logged into OSM you will be able to see the links to the following pages on the menu at the side.

Noticeboard: Any notices and letters that your section leader has posted will be displayed here.

Payments: Shows you any payment schedules/payments currently in place. You can also set up a Direct Debit to automatically take payments for Events which your scout attends. See this article for more information. Note – Not all sections are using this part at the moment.

Events: Shows you any upcoming events which are not part of the weekly programme, or past events if you click on ‘Past’ tab at the top.

Clicking on an Event brings up additional details and access to any downloadable files.

When we launch an Event, you should receive an email invite containing a link to the website. Follow this link and use the buttons to accept the invitation.

Programme: Shows you the planned programme for the upcoming term. This area also includes any requests for Parent Helpers for specific sessions.

Please note that the programme is subject to change and may not fully reflect the leader’s plan.

Badges: Shows the badges that have been started or completed by yoyur Scout. Clicking on ‘uniform’ tab at the top brings up a picture of where the badges should go on the uniform.

Personal Details: Allows you to update your contact details and any other information about your Scout should these change. You will be required to enter your Scout’s date of birth to access this.

Emails: Allows you to review any emails sent by leaders via the system in the last three months.

Gift Aid: Allows you to sign a declaration giving us permission to claim Gift Aid on any payments you make to the group. This brings in an additional 25p for every £1 spent on subscriptions and events.

Access: Shows you who has access to your Parent Portal account – if you notice any discrepancies with this, please let us know as soon as possible.